Small Disc SE MN


5 year old buck +
Saw this small disc when I was driving through Brownsville MN yesterday, it is at the gas station. No idea who the seller is or anything else, but I can tell you that if my dad hadn't sold his place or I had my own place at this time I would have bought it myself. Seems the perfect size for a 4 wheeler or large garden tractor. the girl behind the counter said the seller was asking $150-$200, but she said she was pretty sure he would sell it to the first guy with $150.
:oops: sorry for the sideways pic:oops:
now that looks like it would be a fun ride around the I've been keepin my out for one that size.....trying to accumulate implements adequate for a 4 wheeler/garden tractor because that is about he size of the equipment i need for my small plots. Plotting by hand is getting tougher and tougher!
Neat looking little disk. Looks like the gangs are adjustable with the lever. Must have been built as a horse drawn unit otherwise you wouldn't need the seat.
That isn't necessarily true tooln. Some of these old discs were meant to be pulled behind a 2-wheeled "tractor" similar to the old David Bradley walk-behind machines. You could sit on the seat and steer with the handle bars from the seat on the disc. That would interesting to watch someone do small backwoods plots that way. Similar to the one below.;):D
hey wait a minute....I don't see a beer holder on that rig.
Whip your right. A horse drawn unit would have had a longer hitch.
Yikes, I actually had one just like that when I first started putting in food plots, got it from my grandpa. I pulled it with my wheeler and had to put tires with rims on top of it and put a couple of big rocks in the rims for extra weight.
If you had one of those old David Bradley tractors you could have sat on the seat and been the extra weight.;)