No! We lost all our threads... :'(


5 year old buck +
Why God, why!
Because I had just typed my longest response ever.:(
You bet this is a ton better. More user friendly than the old old site too.
Smith, why you gotta be so hostile, must be a MN thing. ;)
Rip the band aid off... It needed to be done. No worries, long term this is the way to go. Very forward thinking and great decision. 2 months from now it won't matter.
True, no worries. Can we still be friends Smithy.....its just a lake & the state of WI between us, we're practically brothers. Remember, brothers don't shake hands, brothers gotta hug! :D
im just messing around. This forum is great.
im just messing around. This forum is great.
Remember that old song, You don't mess around with Stu! Or was it Jim?
I prefer the Alabama song, 'You cant keep a goodman down'. :)