A few habitat pics I thought you might enjoy


5 year old buck +
Congrats Native!! Real nice buck. Looks like you have a lot of good genetics hanging around your place & surrounding properties. Next year ought to be another good year. Good luck to your son if he gets out in late MZ season. Happy Thanksgiving to you and entire family!!

Jordan Selsor

5 year old buck +
Great buck Steve! Always nice to get a non resident shooter! Did your son kill anything?

Native Hunter

5 year old buck +
Great buck Steve! Always nice to get a non resident shooter! Did your son kill anything?
Thanks Jordan. My son only got to hunt one day this year due to something unexpected that came up at his workplace. If we have any good pattern on a decent buck in the late muzzleloader season, he might hunt a day or two then.

Triple C

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Congrats Steve on another fine buck! Always a joy to follow along on your slice of KY heaven.


5 year old buck +
Wow thats wonderful Native! Congrats! Looks like you have a great pool for next year too. With any luck maybe your big guy will show up once again.

Proof of great land and deer management. Great to see it pay off!

Native Hunter

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Thanks everyone for the kind words. I really appreciate that.

Our Fall turkey shotgun season is in right now, but I'm just not in the mood to hunt for some reason. Instead, I've been out doing habitat work the last few days. The pic below is from a camera on my blind, and all of these turkeys are in range.


But just because I'm not hunting them, that doesn't mean they are safe.


One of the things I've been doing is transplanting shrubs. Some of these will go back in downed trees and briers for protection - others will go in individual cages for protection - and others will go into a fenced circle (shown below) that is 32 feet diameter.



This is the fenced enclosure made with a 100 feet roll of welded wire that will eventually be taken up and moved to another spot once the shrubs inside mature.


I'm also make some hinged cut pathways. I like to do this to create edge and allow sunlight in to areas that have low value trees like poplar. As the regeneration starts taking place, I will go in once or twice a year and whack undesirables so that desirable plants will be able to thrive.





Several of my sawtooth oaks are getting quite large. It's amazing how fast they grow and produce acorns.


This is a deer I'm happy to see make it through gun season. He is already a good deer and might be even better next year.



Lots of rain this week and some commitments, but Good Lord willing I will be back at it soon. Take care