box blind

  1. Sconnie

    Modular Stick Build Blind

    It's Official, my big summer project is FINALLY completed. On our family farm we have a small ridge that comes to a point overlooking the river bottoms. About 10 years ago I decided it was perfect for a blind and my grandfather and I built one out of left over materials. Fast forward to now...
  2. R

    Red neck spray insulation

    I am anxious to see how this works. Sure seems like a slick idea.
  3. S

    Box blind windows

    Thinking about building a couple of 70"x70" box blinds for the farm and thinking about putting a couple vertical windows in them for bow hunting. What do you guys recommend on the height/width of the vertical windows?
  4. Fall's Legend

    Best Hard Shell Blind?

    I have looked at Maverick, Blind Turtle, Redneck etc... I usually hunt by hanging a LW stand every time I go out. (I am an archery only guy, nothing wrong with any other type of legal hunting though!) Keeps the deer guessing, and me from not getting any fatter:) I have a bottom area that I...
  5. Camp 2 Dukes

    Scrap material "Shanty" box blind

    Here is a unit we call "The Shanty". I built this out of scrap material, pallets, and finished it off inside with tongue and groove box car pine I pulled out of a dumpster at a remodel project. This one sits on a mound directly behind my house. I tried to make it feel like we're at the cabin...
  6. Camp 2 Dukes

    My tower blind build method

    I have seen a number of tower blind threads thought would share how I have built the last few. I build the platforms as most here I've seen here do with elevator brackets. One thing I do different from what I've seen is to box out the bottom for additional strength when lifting and I lift it...
  7. P

    Box blind size; one adult up to two kids?

    The title really says most of what I'm curious about. I'd like to build a box blind for me and the boys (9yo and 6yo currently) to use. It would not be uncommon for all 3 of us to be in the blind together. At first I was thinking of making it 4X8 for convenience sake. After a bit more...
  8. M

    Cheap Box Blind?

    My buddy just had 3 of these made for $1,000 each delivered. They are 4'x8' wide, 6' high. They look pretty nice for a $1,000 for rifle and MZ hunting. What do you think? I like the part you can drag them around.
  9. bueller

    My elevator bracket experience

    Thought I'd share my experience this weekend trying to raise a platform built with elevator brackets. Hopefully it will save someone time, money, and maybe even prevent an injury. Our platform was 8' x 8' and framed with 2' x 6' lumber. The floor was 3/4" plywood. The legs were 4' x 4' x 12'. We...
  10. B

    Shooting house windows

    I am constructing a couple of new single man box blinds. None of my existing boxes have closable windows and I want these to have them to keep out the weather and critters. Since I have never hunted out of a blind with actual see through windows I guess my question is do you usually keep the...
  11. Z

    Siding for a box blind?

    I have aspirations of building a box blind on the back side of my property for hunting and general wildlife observation. I have a 2 year old son who loves spending time outside with "da-da" so a place to go hang out would be a lot of fun. I already have ideas about size, design, and location...
  12. alldaysit

    Elevated 6x6 Hunting shack

    Well I decided to pull the trigger on building a hunting shack for my property. As I have a young daughter and wife that will possibly go from time to time. And, I like the idea of being capable of hunting in any weather condition if the wind is right. I've built several such shacks over the...
  13. U

    Mobile deer blind construction.

    This fall I built a mobile blind for Jake and I to use on the mentored hunts. Our favorite field has a hump in it, so we always had to choose a blind on one side or the other. Now that we can sit almost 11 feet high, we can see both sides of the field :) We started with old running gear I got...
  14. j-bird

    Window tint for hunting blind?

    I am looking at replacing my wooden windows in my box blind with lexan ones, but am concerned about the deer seeing the movement. Is there a "window tint" that I can put on the lexan that will make it more difficult for the deer to detect movement WITHOUT making it harder for me to see out...
  15. B

    Permanent Stand Pics

    Does anyone have any pics of Permanent stands they would want to share? I plan on building one this summer for my kids to hunt out of. Would love to get some ideas of what people like/don't like. Really interested in seeing details/opinions of bases, windows, doors, interiors, ladders basically...
  16. Bluecollaroutdoors

    Building a Box Blind - Last Winters Project

    We had a couple 10/11 year olds this season in the mentor hunt, and not a lot of options for 2 people to sit in one stand. We decided to fill in a void in our coverage of the woods and add a second box blind for cold/rainy days. Here are some pics of the process. We started this project in the...
  17. Tree Spud

    Deer Blind Windows

    I am building several elevated box blinds and will be using acrylic for windows. Considering several ways of installing the windows such as cutting tracks or metal rails to slides the windows, or hinges to flip them up. Looking for suggestions on the above or other creative ways to install ....