Hunting seasons - how does your state aling?


Since we are talking about alot of different subjects I thought it would be interesting to see how other states conntrol their hunting seasons. And maybe some different regulations.

Urban archery (only available in certain areas - larger cities - and bow only) starts 9/15 thru 1/31
Youth weekend is last weekend in september (all normal season weapons are legal) 9/27 & 9/28.
Statewide archery (vertical and crossbow) starts 10/1 thru 1/4
State wide general firearms (shotgun, handgun cartridge rifles, handguns and muzzleloaders) is typically the last 2 weeks of november 11/15 thru 11/30
State wide muzzleloader season is the first 2 weeks of December 12/6 thru 12/21
Late antlerless season (only available in certain counties - all legal weapons as well) is in late december 12/26 thru 1/4

No bait
Only 1 buck allowed per hunter state wide
# of antlerless deer limit per hunter is determined on per county basis (just keep buying tags and travel from county to county if you want)
no party hunting
no dogs
no high powered rifles
Here in Michigan it's

Early anterless 9/20-21
Youth hunt 9/20-21
Archery 10/1-11/14 and 12/1-1/1
Rifle 11/15-11/30
Muzzleloader Zone 1&2 12/5-12/14 Zone 3 12/5-12/21
Late anterless 12/22-1/1

You can buy a Combo license valid for any season 2 kill tags 2 bucks or 1 buck and one anterless and you can get up to 5 anterless licenses but there is a number of permits per DMU
Anterless is in certian DMU's
Rifle has a rifle /shotgun line, basically lower half of LP is shotgun and upper half of LP and the UP is rifle
There is a TB area in the north eastern LP with different regs
There is a APR in the north west LP with 3+ on a side
The UP has APR's 3 on one side for your first buck and 4 on one side for your second

There are all sorts of rules and regs for different counties and DMU's but I just keep track of mine