Herbicide help (enlist and Liberty)


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I am experimenting with corn for the first time this year and was able to get a bag of Liberty corn. I am getting a little overwhelmed reading all the options for herbicides and was looking for advice on a good approach. We have had issues with marestail and Johnson grass before. Is a glufosin and glyphosate mix adequate?

My beans are Enlist beans which is also new to me, previous years have always just been RR beans. Are there any products that contain a mix of herbacides that would work well or should I be sourcing each product and mixing myself? I’ve been reading about products but much of it is geared towards big ag and there seems to be lots of genetics and different brands. I’m not harvesting for crops so I don’t want to go overboard yet also don’t want to sabotage my results.

Can anyone dumb it down for me? Located in Wisconsin. Thanks in advance!
You don't have to use all the herbicides listed. It's just that it is safe to use any or all on the beans. Glufosinate alone should be enough to smoke the marestail and Johnson grass.
Makes sense- will glufosinate work well on grasses or should I add some gly? Thank you
Makes sense- will glufosinate work well on grasses or should I add some gly? Thank you

It should smoke the grasses. From my observations its a bit faster then Gly
For the Enlist, I bought Enlist Duo which has Gly in it. I mixed with Drexel AMS Supreme and it worked great last year! I did end up with a second flush of weeds and due to the drought I wasn’t getting a canopy so I hit it again with Liberty later and smoked them. Great combo.

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Makes sense- will glufosinate work well on grasses or should I add some gly? Thank you
What's in a name? Glufosinate and glyphosate sound like they are close to the same thing but, as I see it, they are only distant cousins. I would say one is a systemic herbicide and the other is surface acting herbicide. One is absorbed by the plant and circulates internally from leaf to root eventually suffocating the plant. The other only gets under the "skin" causing the green plant tissue cells to burst and dry out.

I think we all know glyphosate is the total plant killer. Glufosinate just burns the green stuff. It's classified as a desiccant. For the most part it simply burns and browns the top vegetation. It's used primarily to kill actively growing annuals. Once an annual's vegetation is removed it's unlikely the plant will regenerate. Sprayed on a perennial you will see the same burndown but it will only be a temporary situation.

I probably didn't explain that very well.....

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