5 year old buck +
Ok you habitat junkies there has to be some gardeners in here too. I mean you have to further itch your scratch at some point mine as well feed yourself while you do it. Lets see em!
What's CSA?
Ahh, thats pretty neat for those that don't like to do the work themselves. I love it to much to do something like that though, but hey it'd make for some extra canning if I did something like that. :)
Mine's in, I have white clover growing everywhere something isn't planted, and a foot of mulch around everything that is....done deal, little-no maintence.
That's a bad word at my house! I get pressure all the time for one. Some people in my house like the "idea" of a...... well, that word - but when it comes to the"practice" of one - they want little if anything to do with it. "too hot", "too many bugs", "it's hard", "I'll get dirty", "it wasn't my idea", bla, bla, bla. I'll turn and disc the dirt - I'll run the row planter if needed - that's all I want to do with it. They want a garden and a gardner not just a garden. Got suckered into a few things like that before - not falling for that hole-in-the-head! If I seem bitter well, don't ask about our pool - still pissed about that!
I'll have to snap a picture of mine and get it posted. I got tomatoes, corn, beats, potatoes, carrots, peas, beans, peppers, squash, & melon. Yee haw!
the potatoes, beans, beets, carrots and others are up. Tomatoes are in and planting for the garden is done.
I have the next best thing to a garden, parents with a surplus in theirs. As soon as we move out of town I will start putting on in myself. Our 2 year old sure does enjoy helping grandpa out in his.
I plant 14 tomato plants here in Cali on 4/1. Should have my first beef steak next week. It is legal for me to grow 8 cannabis plants for personal consumption but my posts would diminish.:)
And your ability to stay awake during an all day sit would go up in smoke too ;)
I was finally able to get mine tilled the second time yesterday. Took forever to dry out. The wife got some stuff planted last night (already had onions, radishes, and I think peas in) and will hopefully be able to finish the rest tonight (if it doesn't rain....).

I'm lucky, the wife loves to garden, pull weeds, harvest veggies, can, freeze, etc. I help out with the tilling and will spray gly in between the rows once or twice a year. Next year I hope to have enough newspaper stashed for mulching.
News paper for mulching ? Will you shred in into small sections or try to lay the pages out? First I have heard it. Sound interesting!!!
Lay the pages out as thick as you are able. Works like a charm, so does cardboard. I use cardboard around my cultivated blackberries and red raspberries. I hate weeding :cool:
Macgyver gardening!!! I'm going to try it in my garden by the house.
Picked greenbeans today. They are looking good!
I do raised beds now days. This is my bean raised bed. I will post some of my other raised beds when I can.

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I've used newspaper and cardboard in gardens and around shrubs at planting time. I much prefer the newspaper over the cardboard. When the cardboard dries, which seems to happen quicker than the newspaper, it has a tendency to lift up off the ground a bit. Ants and other critters find this space and take up residence.
Its not much but its manageable. Plan to use for tree seedlings during the winter as well

image (3).jpeg
I have included our garden in and next to my food plots. So far I have potatoes, peas, beans, and half the sweet corn in. The deer don't seem to bother any of it. I have fenced off the sweet corn but everything else is in the open. I guess it is one benefit of having low deer numbers. I have lush foot tall clover that they are not touching either.
another of my raised beds.

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I will post a picture in a month. Looks like a flooded plowed field now. 4 dozen tomato, 5 dozen peppers, 500 onions, etc.......
I will post a picture in a month. Looks like a flooded plowed field now. 4 dozen tomato, 5 dozen peppers, 500 onions, etc.......
That's not a garden that's a farm field :eek: :D
My garden and our fields were holding up pretty well until last night's rain. Half of my tomatoes and half of the vine crops are under water.

If you see fenced gardens, there is a healthy deer herd. I have not fenced my garden in years.
Surprising that up in zone 1, which is lottery for doe permits, nearly every garden is fenced.