winter peas?


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Since this spring and summer have been pathetic, and beans never had a Chance, I'm considering winter peas. Anybody try these? When do they need to be planted? I assume mixing these with oats/winter wheat or something would be alright? I'd like a large grain for winter since corn and beans didn't go as planned. I could always overload on turnips/radish but I want some diversity and winter peas seem interesting.
You will most likely not get any grain from any type of peas, they are candy and will be hammered to the ground as soon as the deer find them. You would be lucky if they got more than 8" tall. The deer do love them though.
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Yeah I planted AWP's in my sandy ground LC mix hybrid last year, as soon as they had their leaves and 2 inches out of the ground the deer would snip them off, totally didn't stand a chance.
AWP have been a staple for me for several years. Deer just hammer them at my place. I plant 50lb oats and 30 lbs AWP an acre the 2 or 3rd week in Aug. I'm in west central mn. We have moderate deer density and the blend stays well mowed down by the deer. That's what has worked best for me and I we'll be planting 1 1/2 acres of them again this year.
That plat was 1 1/10 acres, so there were a decent amount of them but still thats a major ice cream crop and i'm in heavy DPSMI territory.
Whoops, forgot to mention that I planted Middle of August here in W MI.
Peas will thrive in a small plot when they are planted in a cocktail, and early. I put AWP in about 5 weeks ago with clover, rye, oats, beans and sunflower. Food plot size ranges from 20' wide shooting lanes to 1.5 acre plots. Some growth is 2' plus. My deer density is getting better, but I still have way too many deer.
I wouldn't ever plant a monculture of any pea. That is opening yourself up for plot failure. The later you plant them the less growth your gonna get, and opening yourself up for plot failure. This is my first time planting AWP in the spring, so I'm not exactly sure what they will look like come fall. At this point, they are looking really good, and it will be intersting to see if they go to seed and dry up by fall. If they don't, every one of my plots is going to be getting AWP planted in the spring.
I'm not sure exactly what planting rate I have them at, but I'd say I have a plant every 2', planted in 7" rows.
The Amish here buy a lot of Peas and Oats from me. As soon as they germinate and pop out of the ground, the deer are on them. I wonder if planting that mix and adding AWP would be the ticket? Even throw in some soybean seed for good measure. Plant the first or second week of August and let the fun begin!
John- are the peas pretty much gone from the plot by fall?

My thinking is that there would be nothing left for the deer after the oats freeze out. good for an early fall attractant, but nothing for winter feeding.
Added rye would help if we have a winter or parts of a winter with no snow.
I mix mine with rye & they get wiped out fast. I never had any come back the next spring.
I planted yellow spring forage peas this spring in a mix and also by themselves and they're growing like mad but the deer haven't touched them. Anyone have any experience with this variety?
I planted yellow spring forage peas this spring in a mix and also by themselves and they're growing like mad but the deer haven't touched them. Anyone have any experience with this variety?

I don't know how much rain you have had by you but by me in Wisconsin we have had lots of rain so there is an over abundance of natural vegetation for the deer. I was up to land over weekend and I had zero browse on my soybeans. This could explain why the deer haven't touched your peas.
I'm not surprised the deer aren't eating them I have a lot of variety growing right now. I just wasn't sure about that variety of pea. It is really growing nice especially in the sorghum Sudan and also a clover/chicory and sunflower mix.

Do you have enough growing season left to plant late season soybeans?
I planted 4010 field peas in SE MN last year and the deer didn't really seem to like them. The deer would walk through them to get to the soybeans. The peas did grow pods and produced some seed, but I think they were eaten by the turkeys more than the deer.

I planted soybeans last week and I think you would be fine if you planted soybeans soon. The early season draw is hard to beat when you have the only green soybean leaves around and depending on the first frost date, you'll still likely have plenty of filled pods for a late season food source.
Nwmn late season soybeans would be awesome for September but you would need to get on it ASAP. Get them in and spray once they emerge then broadcast some clover or turnips. As long as you get some rain you will love the result come early fall.
I checked the plots tonight and was pleased to see about 4 inch corn sprouts and beans. I think I'll spread fertilizer this weekend and spray gly and broadcast oats and turnips/radish in there. Definitely not a great stand of large grain but it offers me an opportunity at a high mix plot when I throw the fall planted stuff in there. Is this a smart plan? I got a bag of soybeans left and plan to broadcast that somewhere this fall to get nice young bean growth for browse for early season.