WI Muzzleloader Season


5 year old buck +
The 9 day gun hunt is done and we now jump straight to to the muzzleloader Season (Dec. 1 - Dec. 10)

Anybody out today? I have plans to go out Saturday the 6th through Tuesday the 9th.

I may even check out some public land if it goes anything like my gun hunt.
I am planning Fri-Sun. Always enjoy the ML hunt as I see so few other blaze orange hunters out there.
I will be big buck hunting this coming weekend with my shotgun,:eek: in a Metro Zone of course!;)
Not going, my hunting in WI is done for the year. However I will be hunting with the slug gun later this week in IL for the second season.
Novem.. brings up a good point. I don't think I have ever seen it with SOO much standing corn this late in the season. Its literally everywhere. I am heading out tonite to sit with the muzzy. But, it's been brutal down here for deer on the cams with all the corn still up.
I may be out with the bow or xbow.
I went out to shoot a doe and I only saw 2 bucks. One was a decent looking 8, about 90". I've seen 2 decent looking bucks the last 4 days. Maybe some promise for next year.
Not only is there a lot of standing corn, in my area there are also a lot of beans out yet. No ML for me but I will try some late season bow.
Saw a 140 class 10pt on the trail camera so I snuck out yesterday for the last hour. No buck, I saw a few does way out and then 8 does came in at last light (maybe he was behind them???). Of course they took the one trail that would lead them downwind. Time to relocate the stand since they are not coming out early enough and I was busted. Only a few hunts left to my season...
The corn is flying off the fields. There isn't going to be much left standing over winter. Since the price is down so much it almost a loss after getting it dried.

3-4 waupaca county public areas had vehicles hunting, at 9 freaking am. I hit a public area in northern waupaca that didn't have a hunter, only one deer track on the entire parcel. Human tracks all over. The dnrs public doe tag attempt is a failure.
Aren't the bluegills or carp biting? People should be done hunting. I am never disappointed with the volume of central wi hunters. It's freaking Thursday of muzzleloader, there shouldn't be anyone hunting, and there is guys all over the place.
600 acres of corn, those must be some huge fields
Heading up tomorrow morning for a 3 day hunt ... hope the freezing conditions allowed that remaining corn to be taken off ...
You must be the point to donating these deer now or are you filling the freezer for all of the extended family?
That's great, so many can have some wild game.
I seen a little 8 pointer today and that was it. He was thrashing the snot out of some tag alders.
Seen 3 doe driving out. My 4 year doe reduction project is really starting to show itself. I just hope the regeneration is able to beat the browse pressure. Than I'll have the best habitat in my block. Most neighbors still refuse to shoot a doe, and their land is stacked with deer. The deer will eventually disperse, and I'll get more shooting time in. I guess that isn't a bad thing. I just need regeneration!!!!!
Just dumped a doe getting chased by a little 8. I hope it wasn't a penn state buck, cause I didn't look for nubs. Plenty of time for some more.
The doe was a fawn, second rut knocking at the door!
Got in the stand at 2:45 toady ... very quiet until 4:10 pm. The deer started to role in from the marsh ... I stopped counting at 40 deer.

There were 5 bucks, and the balance does. Several nice deer and 1 that was a future allstar. He was 20 plus inches wides and 10 points .. his G2's were 6-7" and the brows were already 3-4". I think he is a 2.5 - 3.5 year ... have not seen him on camera.

I had to snort & wheeze to clear the dder out of the field before I left the stand ... A good nite to sit have some doe mgmt. to do ...
You need a lot of food to keep that many deer healthy. Especially enough food for those bucks who have no fat.
Does have 3" on their rump. Mother Nature has mature bucks being expendable, mature does are darn near guaranteed to live.