Checking Deer Rifles 2023

Beware of the man that has only one gun……….

He probably knows it well.
Weatherby rifles incorporated a “ free jump” throat before the rifeling.

Barnes copper bullets recommend right or near the rifling.

The weirdest deal I have had is the 6.5 x 55 husqavarna bolt actions in model 98.

The earlier made one ( a rifle with a steel floor plate) got “ sticky “ on extraction mid book. I thought that interesting as the “book” loads were for the weaker model 96. Swede action

The other one ( a carbine) kept going past book. I don’t remember it’s floor plate but I think it was the later aluminum plate. It kept on keeping on. I finally just called it good

Late to the game here but this is the problem I had. A M96 Swede, made in 1915 at Carl Gustafs , the bolt and reciever were out of spec. They were both too soft and I sent them to a gunsmith who reheat treated both and brought them into spec. Never had a problem after being heat treated.

I was working some loads and had one stick. I had to pound the bolt open with my hand. When I got it open the primer was laying on the head of the case and I had broken the extractor claw and the case was stuck in the chamber, had to pound the case out with a wood dowel.

After that experience I had my M38 Swede checked and the reciever and bolt were both ok.