There is a new member around here.


(I didn't want to hijack the "Ok...what happened" thread so I started a new one)

Did you guys see the latest member. Paul?
Mobile version looks good.

Riggs - you caught me.

Paul Knox is now a member here and should be saying "hello" soon. Keep an eye out for him!


Excellent! I was hoping this would happen!
I too saw the "latest member: Dbltree"
A lot of knowledge coming this way I hope . I listened to Paul at a St. Louis seminar a few yrs ago very enjoyable .
That's great news!

Thanks for honoring the place Paul.
Glad to have Paul aboard. Hopefully he will enlighten us with his knowledge and experience. I am humbled that he would chose to join us here.
Super news! It'll be great to hear from Paul. We ALL benefit. Thanks Paul for sharing all your knowledge.
John ... he is not really new, Paul already has a seat at the table here as he was the inspiration and mentor to many of us.

A great addition and contributor ... and an example to many who want to divide rather than build. Paul has given without expectation of vasts amounts of his knowledge and experience.
Glad to hear it! Hope he keeps us all in line by reminding us to put God an family before antler obsession!
Welcome Paul, hope your doing ok.
Glad to have the master here.
I heard from Paul, he is using a system called "Eye Gaze" to navigate his computer now days (

He should check in here soon. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. Looking forward to hearing from him!


Welcome Paul - I hope you are doing well and the good Lord is giving you strength. Glad you will be blessing us with all your knowledge...I know personally you have helped me a ton.
I got an email that Paul replied to one of my threads in the Lickcreek section, I went to the board and there was nothing. Needless to say I was delighted to just get the email.!!! I read his stuff online constantly and I am probably obsessed with it. Everytime I hear of the Ice Bucket challenge I smile and think we are closer to a cure and I am so honored to know him and even more honored to help spread his wisdom.