More nursery persimmons and pear


5 year old buck +
Anyone have luck with either Morse persimmon or any of their pears? I’m trying to find a place to buy persimmon. But bluehill is always sold out before I can get to it. Any other recommendations for persimmons that are a little more mature than seedling? Anyone ever try hybrid pear from Morse?

With all that said, any nursery pear for deer that’s an absolute must on your farms?
In late February I picked up two 3yr old Hybrid pears from Morse's West Lafayette facility. I was very disappointed by the root systems of both trees., Both were planted the next day. One has since started to bud and seems to be progressing. The other has remained dormant. It looks dessicated and quite sickly. I doubt I'll purchase again from Morse. I'll try to update the progress of these two trees over the coming months.