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Steve Bartylla

5 year old buck +

Figured I'd post it in case someone was interested. The only reason I even knew it was there is because their art director told me to check it out to see if I was happy with what he did with a drawing I'd included in one of my articles in it. I don't know how this works, but I suspect it will only be up for a period of time...Outside of "paging" through all the magazine ads (which you have to in the hard copy, as well), it really is free. I'm not getting anything out of this. Just thought I may save one of you $6, anyway.
Steve you have a nice article, if we didn't beat your topics to death everyday, I'd be more impressed. I haven't spent 10 minutes the last 10 years reading those magazines, but man, I haven't missed a thing. Besides your article and those other two, it is all advertisement. It's just sickening, not attacking the writers, the articles are nice. At least my local paper is a good fire starter, that magazine paper isn't. Thanks for reassuring me why I don't waste my money.
Oh, shit, dipper. You have me laughing so hard right now I almost spit coffee out my nose, and I mean that in a good way.

As far as habitat stuff goes, the Mastering a Plan piece is really the deepest a magazine has ever allowed me to go. they're worried, and justifiably so, that most readers just don't want to get in that deep. As we all know, that "deep" piece barely scratched the surface.

I don't read many magazines, but I flip through about half that I'm sent (comp subscriptions to most I write for a lot). For some reason, they don't seem as bad when flipping through paper, but I though the same thing when doing it on that online issue. It seemed like it was all nothing but ads. Maybe that's because if/when I ever want to read something, I just flip straight to it. I don't know, but I was struck by that on the on line version myself.
People don't want in depth thought, they want reality TV. That's why these companies are making money hand over fist. It's easy to prey on the ignorant. This applies to alot of aspects of our lives: health, relationships, money.
This was the first time I've read one of your articles, do you have multiple personalities? haha I see 2 totally different styles of writing. I've actually wondered to myself how you get away being so wordy. I guess you don't have to care when you post on here.
Like I said the article was well written, and those advertisments are job security for you. I don't have any problem with that, they aren't getting my money. Except for ten point crossbows, jut dropped $1700 for the vennom. They don't need an ad with the way that thing shoots. Man-it really isn't going to be fair.
Unfortunately, I write exactly the same when writing articles. The catch is that I come in anywhere from 3000-5000 words and then have to go back and trim them down to the 1700, 2000 or 2500 word assignment length. After I'm done, the editors often find ways to trim even more, all while trying not to alter any meaning or remove important info. Here, I just leave it however it came out and don't edit down.

Actually, I liked the Cam piece I have in that issue better than the Plan piece. I don't think I've ever heard, read or saw someone setting cams on lick branches over summer and early fall before (though no doubt some people do it). It's a great technique for getting a census in WI & IL, where baiting and minerals are illegal.

I had this conversation with Gordon Whittington about a month ago, when he asked for an early season hunting piece. I told him I didn't want to do it, because how many times can you write: find a buck you want to kill, find where he is feeding or watering, figure out how he's getting there most often and determine if he is arriving occasionally before dark or always after. If pretty consistently or even occasionally before dark, you can set a stand on the food or water. If consistently, hunt it until you kill him. If occasionally, just wait to hunt it when a cold front moves through and try to kill him then. In exclusively after dark, try to setup closer to bedding, if you can, but not so close as to bust him, and only hunt him on cold fronts...Honestly, that's the entire article in one medium paragraph, and every magazine runs at least one for early season.

I convinced him to let me do a piece on setting goals/creating a hit list and how to decide which hit list buck to go for on any given day, as well as which ones not to waste time on. Like covering the lick branch cam setup in the other article linked above, I really like it when I can do something everyone else hasn't done 12392387612826344512342 times before, that is still somehow useful and honest/legit.

And you are 100% correct....$$$$$$$$$$$ makes the world go round. Every once in a while, though, those of us making $ doing something they love doing can give a little back to those with real jobs that support them/directly/indirectly pay their salaries doing dream jobs. I had a rant about that on QDMA's site yesterday.

P.S. Did anyone ever figure out how to turn email notification off, WITHOUT remembering to leave every thread you post in and returning to click unwatch? I've twice went through all the settings and I have to be missing something.
I should mention, I also had already written him one early season hunting piece, that pretty much covered the paragraph above. The "saving grace" to that piece in my mind was I also covered the setting up on lick branches in that piece, as well (both written from scratch, but covering the same general topic). One has to do some of the "every mag runs them" type pieces, but I do try my hardest to at least have an eye opening slant that not everyone else includes. In the case of doing a 2nd early season piece, I just couldn't come up with anything more new of value.