Would like some help with deer bait ID


5 year old buck +
I was out in some very large tracts of public land today and came across a lot of deer sign that I have not been finding elsewhere. With just a little searching, I found the source of the deer sign. I think everything is legal, just have no idea what the bait is. One is the small block shown attached to the tree. It is very sticky. Molasses or caramel in it? The other is a white powder. Not any crystal, only powder. I was surprised by the amount of deer tracks that were coming to this. Likely many trips from a couple of family groups. Anyone seen these before? DSC00029.JPG DSC00030.JPG
The white powder looks like deer Kane. The oats looks like a deer gronala. There are recipes on the web for different flavor like Apple, molasses etc.
I doubt the plastic container is legal to leave on public land. Bear bait laws would make me guess that.
The fact that the container was left doesn't even matter, it looks like it is screwed to the tree which is highly illegal on any public land, in WI at least.
Yeah....here in PA it is illegal to even break branches off a tree for any reason on public land. it is also illegal to use screw in tree pegs, bow holders etc.