Workshop Advice Redux…Shop Lights?

Natty Bumppo

5 year old buck +
Hey guys…I asked opinions about air vs. electric in a previous post. I am sinking some money into my workshop thus summer. I was wondering this time if you all could recommend a quality shop light. I currently have cheap, Home Depot specials that I bought 7 years ago. Bought about 10 and I am now down to 2.

I'd like to add some quality lights this time…4 footers. Any suggestions for a 4' garage/shop light that will operate at low temps. Not too concerned about noise…got the radio on most of the time anyway.

Thanks in advance.
MoBuckChaser can you elaborate on the bulbs you use. I am interested in this topic. I am constantly changing, revamping trying to improve my shop lighting. Nothing beats natural light, but hard to get enough of that inside.
How high is the ceiling? We have good luck with clear not frosted, regular 250 watt light bulbs. They give off a lot of light. I hate a dark shop. We have 6 bulbs in a 30 x 40 x 14' shop and it is bright.

I'm with you….hate dark shop. My ceiling is 10' high. So, you're talking a regular 250 watt incandescent bulb in a standard socket?
Depends on the size space and how it'll be used. I have 6 4 bulb fixtures in my 24x20 space with another 2 2-bulb ones and two more which never got put up due to time. They're all t-5's. When the bulbs were new and there wasn't equipment causing shading, it was nearly an operating room. As they age and lose output efficiency, the light is still useful but not as strong. I also have a haze of dust on the lenses that needs cleaning one of these days.

Even with t-8's the electronic ballasts are good about firing in some pretty low temps these days. I have 5 2-bulb 4' fixtures in my garage and the only one which doesn't consistently light is much older and also hums when it's trying to fire the bulbs in the cold (I still regret not getting a new replacement for it along with the others).
If you're thinking fluorescent fixtures and you have a cold shop, there are cold-weather ballasts made for firing in low temps. You have to ask for that type of fixture or swap out the regular ballasts for the cold-weather type. They're electronic. Get fixtures with downward-facing reflectors so you don't lose light up toward the ceiling. Light - colored walls & ceiling help reflect light around the room. LED lights will save you the most $$$ on the electric bill, though fluorescents aren't energy hogs either. Incandescent bulbs are the worst for light output & energy use.
LED's are poor at diffusing the light so you end up with hot and cold spots and very little bounce. The cost and performance for area lighting isn't where I'd suggest investing in it yet. It's certainly the future of economical lighting, but it needs more time.
Thanks guys. Appreciate it.