White oak???

Jordan Selsor

5 year old buck +
I think this is a straight white oak but wonder if it some type of hybrid? Its in stl mo. It produces bumper crops every yr. I am the lucky guy that gets to clean them off the patio in the fall:( I have never seen an oak produce like this one. I wonder if its simply due to its ideal weed free location with no root competition??? I plucked one of its seedlings out of the gravel. It has a promising future I think

This is the best shot I could get of leaves

simage (1).jpeg
It is a member of the white oak family for sure (it lacks the "point" on the leave). If it produces well every year you may be sitting on a very good tree for propogating those acorns into trees and thus trees in to wildlife food. Growing conditions affect acorn production,but so can the actual age of the tree as well - it may simply be in it's prime. Collct those acorns this fall as there are always folks looking for them to plant.
Acorns are big.. Their are a handful of seedlings in the gravel beds around the tree. I will grab more next time I cut.
Funny how they will grow in a rock bed (or any place you don't want them), but you can baby the crap out of them and they will die! My father has a pin oak in his yard and he mows over seedlings all the time. I have often considered just raking up what Ican and just tossing them in the woods. Seems I would have about as much luck. I have a couple of pots with chinkapin and white oak seedlings now - my biggest issue isn't the deer - it's the tree rats!
Do bears eat acorns? Bears eat anyting they want! No bears in IN - at least not wild ones. I used to hunt the squirrels pretty heavily, but it got in the way of my deer hunting once I started to bow hunt. I need to do a "thinning" again.