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Since I've been making knives I've always wanted to build a larger forge. Currently what I'm using is only big enough to heat treat blanks. I want to be able to make some canister or stacked damascus blade blanks. I've been collecting pieces here and there and finally have time to start the build. The main body of the forge is an old air compressor tank, I've made some hinges & legs from scraps I had laying around. I have most of the parts to make the burners which there will be 3. I still need to source my supplies to line the forge with. Here's what I have so far.

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I'll be following this one, lot's of details and picture of the process. please. 😊

Damascus rocks!


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Made my burners today. .035 mig tip will be the gas nozzle, I drilled and tapped a flare to MPT union and put the mig tip in. Then drilled and tapped a 3/4x1x1 T to put the nozzle in. Drilled and tapped a 1" coupling that will be welded to the forge body to hold the burners in place. All 3 are done and ready to go. 20220626_122301.jpg


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I’m pretty handy, but you’d be good neighbor to have.


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Did a little more work on the forge. Slow process but I'm getting there. Both doors cut in, hinges made and installed. Real simple door latch and handle's. So far I have $12.00 into it and that was for the handle springs. I kind of got ahead of myself when I drilled the holes for the burners. I'm going to relocate them for better burn and efficiency. Not a problem with the old ones just weld in a patch. Material for this will come from the opening I cut into the doors. I'm not going to cut those out until I get the forge lined, this way I'll know exactly where the floor will be. Slow process now as I'm waiting for ceramic wool to line the forge.


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Here's the first knife to come out of my homemade forge. It's the largest my tempering oven can hold. The blade is just over 9" long total length is 14". Bear claw mosaic pin, bear etch, black walnut handle & display, owners initials inlayed into the sheath. Braided leather leg strap. 20220905_104309.jpg


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I'm trying something new on this knife. I glass bead blasted the blade then put it into the vibratory tumbler. I'll post up a pic of the finished knife when it's done.20220928_162112.jpg