Soil Test Results............


5 year old buck +
I got my soil test results back from Penn State and it doesn't look good. Soil PH was 5.2 Phosphate level was 23, Potash level was 142, Magnesium level was 37, and Calcium level was 327. I don't know what these numbers mean except for the fact that the accompanying chart shows all deep in the deficient column. My plan of attack is to punch 4 holes with a digging bar around the drip line of established trees 8 to 10 inches deep and fill two with Hi-Mag Lime and 2 with 10-10-10 fertilizer. A little background on my piece of ground. It was mostly clearcut around 1970, fenced and beef cattle were run on it for the next 30 some years. It's rocky, rolling terrain that I've been brushhogging for the last 10 years in areas that I can run a tractor on.

So anyone have thoughts or opinions on my plan to give my apple trees so much needed help???

Rick, you might ask Dgallow. From what I now he's the soil master.
Thanks Matt I'll do that.