Soil test results


5 year old buck +
I'm curious if any soil experts want to take a stab at recommendations here. My usual MO is to bring the soil test to the coop and put on whatever they load up.
All 4 fields have been pasture, likely ever since wire was strung in this part of the country. I doubt it has seen much fertilizer over the years.
Field #1 and #2 I am looking to convert to alfalfa. There is a program that will pay $290 an acre for alfalfa establishment but I need to keep it in for 5 years. I do not want to deal with alfalfa for 5 years if it's going to be disease prone or if the tonnage will be too low to make it a worthwhile crop.
Field #3 I am planning to put corn in (as a plot, not to harvest) part of it and split the rest in a Brassica/cereal grain rotation. Beans are also possibly part of this plot.
Field#4 will likely be put into a brassica/cereal grain rotation.


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Rather amazing results for an old pasture where no fertilizer has (apparently?) been applied. I am not accustomed to working with excess levels of nutrients.
No "synthetic" fertilizer has been applied.

Some of my best plots came from old pasture supplemental feeding areas where there was excess manure.