So There are RedNecks in Minnesota!





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Amazing - How far were they travelling?
Nothing too redneck from what I see. He has some carpet to protect the trunk finish, and his belly is not too huge. ;):rolleyes: I'd give him a 7 on scale of 10.....provided he didn't spill any roundup.

Looks like that car has been around the block tho.......
I'm just sitting here shaking my head. But a true redneck would have used duct tape.
And Full Camo with Flip Flops! hahaha!

I just hope his check clears!
I've been to two Worlds' Fairs, and a buzzard "coupling".....but I never seen nothing like that before.
The full camo is great! But the flip flops break every rule of redneck etiquette. And no self respecting redneck would rive around in a car like that! I think this guy is conflicted..part beach bum, part city slicker. A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll, a little bit hip-hop. A innocent orphan living in a post-modern world.

That's a great pic. Just noticed the missing gas cap and hub cap (or spare tire?). Hilarious. You'd think that a guy who needs 55 gallons of Gly would at the very least have a pick-em-up truck to get it home.
Looks like that car has been around the block tho.......

That's not a car it's a pickup truck! Can't you see he's haulin' stuff with it. If you're haulin' stuff with it, it must be a pickup truck! That's redneck rule #1

It probably hauls as much as NoFo's new ride!:eek:;) Just kidding pope, I do love the color of your new rig btw! And the rims ain't bad on there either.
I didn't know you were taking my picture !!! HA.
Really Mo what's the point? Seems quite normal to me, even the flops. But the best I ever saw was while surfing in Maui, I hitched a ride back with this dude in a beat up van, and his passenger seat, that I had to sit on, was a commode. Convenient digs I guess. One does what they feel is important to them I guess. Thanks for showing that, made me feel at home. LOL
How do we know it's a guy?

That's my double first cousin on both sides.
He stunk like piss.....what does your double cuz smell like Art?
I don't get close enough to find out. I just send him over to Mora!
He writes checks and will give you another one just like the first one , if the first one is no good.
I'm sorry but I cannot drive a car. Once you have a truck, never again.
What the hell does a guy like that do with a barrel of roundup?

That picture reminds me of years back when we did a lot of winter camping. At the time our only source of propane on the property was 20 lb tanks. And we used a bunch of them because the camper we had back then had fold out ends like a popup. Our SUV would be full to the ceiling so we made full use out of a hitch hauler. On the hauler would be 5-6 propane tanks :eek:. Three on the bottom with a piece of plywod over the top of them and then 2-3 up on the 2nd level. We never got pulled over, and thankfully never got rear ended :confused:. We've upgraded some since then, but not much :D.
It seems like a guy like that wouldn't want to spray a harmful chemical like gly on his crops. Maybe he is working on developing some RR mary jane? Or just clearing a spot in the woods!
I will only say it takes all kinds. Glad you took the photo because it is priceless. Looks like the front runner for the 2014 red-neck of the year award at the moment! Never under-estimate the determination of a rural american!

Thanks guysI needed a good laugh today.
Laugh and shake your head.
I guess whatever caused the rash on the passenger side also got the mirror...