Selsor 287 slice of heaven

Jordan Selsor

5 year old buck +
I want to show off my east central Mo 287 thats starting to come together. Place consists of mainly hardwood ridges, creek bottoms, cedar thickets and about 12 acres of bottom field. Here is my destination feed field. Field is 2+ acres 250 yards long:) This may not look like much to some but less than a yr ago this field was a nasty mess due to being landing zone for loggers. I had many giant brush piles that took allot of time cleaning up. I planted 1.5 acres of eagle beans this past weekend along with some patches of sorghum. Praying for rain now. I always forget to take pics but gonna make it a point to do so more often.. Also have 2 half acre clover plots.
The trees in the tubes on the left are 2/1 chestnuts to sawtooths. Of all the trees only one died so far. I thought most all the sawtooth's were dead but they have exploded in the past month. Thus far I have about
30 chestnuts, 15 sawtooths, 6 saul, and 14 fruit trees including arkasas black, enterprise, liberty, honey crisp, gold rush, moonglow, keifer, an a couple big crabs. All are caged, matted and graveled. Will get more pics soon.
I got many ideas and projects for the future including sex changing persimmons and more hard and soft mast.

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My ol shed buddy Clover in the clover with this yrs sheds. She solo found a couple and is pretty good at it (at times). Especially when I got some hot dogs for her. She will damn near do cartwheels for hotdogs lol. Either way its nice to have a companion when out shed hunting and exploring:)

A man with a plan, 287 acres is 28x what I have to plan and it gives me plenty of work, I can't imagine having hat much more to deal with. Are there hard mast or soft mast trees that you are already mature on the property? Water Source?
A man with a plan, 287 acres is 28x what I have to plan and it gives me plenty of work, I can't imagine having hat much more to deal with. Are there hard mast or soft mast trees that you are already mature on the property? Water Source?
Yep nice creek that runs yr round fueled by several springs. It was spot logged in 08-09. I actually purchased it from the logging co. They left plenty of good size oaks. I think they did some tsi while harvesting because most of the trees alive are all good mast producers of future timber quality. I see lots of shortleaf pines and other less desirable trees dead with scrapes on them. I think the loggers scraped them with their equipment on purpose to kill them. Logger was a local guy and prolly figured he may log it again some day. I have not found much soft mast but still learning to identify wild trees.
The Selsor clan my future hunting buddies and my beautiful better half. We got another one in the oven as well. Would love to have a girl but healthy is the only thing that matters! These are the ones I plant the white oaks for ;)

Took my oldest Kellen across st from the house to play with the gobblers this spring. He is sporting his 75th anniversary red rider:)
Jordan--Looks like a great farm, what county/state....did I miss that?
Its in east central Mo washington county
Great looking farm and family.
That is a nice chunk to manage!!
Looks like you're doing lots of good work there. Great looking family....enjoy!
You are a blessed man for sure. Beautiful place and beautiful family! What more can a man ask for!!
I am beyond blessed Native Hunter. Thank you.
Nice! Sounds like a great place!
New water hole next to destination food plot put in with the skid this morning. This is a wet weather spring that has small trickle flow yr round. I put in a culvert pipe for a creek crossing because it was always washing out... Mainly going to use for watering trees but I bet the critters use it too. My wife planted a few strawberry next to it. Dont know if they will live or not but I told her I would water them for her. You cant see them in the photo but eagle beans are popping up everywhere in the background tks to the good Lords thunder showers! :)

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Nice Job! I also have a couple places I'd like to get a culvert in so I don't have to wait till it's dry, hopefully a summer project.
Plenty of browse to say the least

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I planted 6 of the 3 gal realtree dunstans last fall. All lived but 1. This one is 6ft and going strong with our wet spring. Def has some American characteristics with upright growth formation.

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2nd leaf native nursery chestnut. I imagine it will be out of the 5ft tube by fall.

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.5 acre lidino/red clover plot with a few sawtooths on the wood line. (compliments of THunter/LLC)

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Son, I will say this, you over-married for sure. :D I'd like to come up and visit one spring and check out your place. Of course, you're welcome here anytime as well.