Redneck Blinds / Shadow Hunter Blinds


5 year old buck +
With these type of blinds, can you "cheat" the wind or would you hunt them the same as a hang-on / ladder stand?

My kids go hunting with me at times and my oldest will actually be able to start hunting next year. I'd like to be able to get a couple of these type of blinds and hunt out of them, successfully, regardless of the wind direction for the time of year we're hunting. I'm not sure that's feasible though?
^^^^^^^^^^^ What NF said. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ I looked at both and got the Shadow Hunter vs the Redneck.
Keep your back windows closed and you can cheat the wind. Had does 5 yards from my Shadow Hunter which is on the ground with wind blowing right at the deer and they never knew I was there.
Thank you! That's what I was hoping to hear.
1) Get the smoke plexiglass and they can't see You 2) Get the octagon for field of view or u will be very sorry.

Thanks for the info. I'll be getting both of those options when I go to buy.