No more wet feet


5 year old buck +
I have a buddy at work who bought a new place. The old owner had several old flower beds and small gardens that were lined with cedar post. He was looking to get rid of them and I told him I'd buy from him what ever he didn't want. He said he's happy just to get rid of them. I took whatever he did want figuring I used them somewhere. Today I made a walk bridge across a small creek that I cross at times. Not bad for reuse of old materials.

You gotta love improving something on your place for free. When I bought my place it was full of all kinds of old junk. I was trying to get rid of an old house trailer frame that the tires had rotted off of. I asked a neighbor if he had any ideas about how I could get rid of it at the least expense. He said, "Somewhere on your place there's a crossing that would be easier with a bridge. Drag it there and cover it with boards." It was a perfect bridge frame. Now, everything I see that's on its way to the dump gets evaluated for some possible new use on the farm. Nice work!
Good looking bridge.