Info on pic requirements


I seem to have some issues from time to time with posting pics. Most sites limit pic physical size as well as file size does anyone know what the limits are here? What about specific file types that work?
1MB is the size limit. I tried this a few weeks back and everything I tried to post that was even a little bit over 1MB would not post, items just under 1MB went right in. As far as pixel by pixel size I am not sure. As far as file types, I haven't tried to post anything accept a .bmp or .jpg, but I know those 2 will work. What other file types are you trying to upload?
They are jpg but I think they are too large pixel wise. It seems to work better when I reduce the size to more like 400 x 400 pixel size and keep the file size under like 100K - I simply get less hassles. I like posting photos and I know everybody likes to see them - it just gets to be a pain when I have to bounce around trying to get the damn things to work right. I was just wondering if John or someone had the specific details on what the limits are.
I just resize mine to 900 x (whatever size automatically fills in) and have no problems.