Hinge cut hook modified


A good 3 year old buck
Its hinge cut season again. I laser cut a few of these last weekend out of 1/4 inch plate. Last year I made my 1st prototype and I welded onto 1 inch conduit, but this one I added another hole and 2 notches. The holes allow for drilling the conduit and simply bolting it on. With the laser the notches are basically free features and might accommodate a hose clamp or some other clamp if needed but not preferred.


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Looks pretty sweet!

I've made some sort of like that out of 1/4" aluminum (laser cut also) that work pretty well.

Stay safe!

Do you sell them?
Nice looking hook.
good looking hook!
i just made mine out of a 1/2 round rod with a curved hook bent in one end and the other end is bent arond like a rectangle that makes a good handle. it is all in one pc. I will try to get a pic to post.
Do you sell them?


I've been tossing a rope w/ a hook over the tree and pulling it down. I need to upgrade methods.