Clover bales for winter feed


5 year old buck +
The farmer next to our hunting property grew some very nice clover this year and has plenty to sell. I think he wants $45 per bale each weighing 800-1000 lbs. I'm thinking of buying a couple to see if the deer will feed on them over the winter. Has anyone else had luck feeding bales to deer throughout the long Minnesota Winters?
I know deer will eat some from the round bales my wife's father have stored by the fence line for the cattle.
U have to feed them early to keep there stomachs accustomed to digesting it. They also waste a lot. They will get to the stored stuff if it isn't sealed good. They will shred the bales apart, #1, #2 and lay on it. It Is best to feed them small chunks and disperse them. Not feeding them in the same spot over and over.
Your best off improving natural winter food like browse.
If they are big squares, it wouldn't hurt to have a few as a back up plan. Round bales are a little tougher to pull apart and scatter around like dipper is saying. If you are pulling off a foot of slab from a square at a time, that could be doable.
I would move a couple to the edge of a field now and use them for rifle blinds.
I put out an alfalfa bale post season in Mo years ago and the deer used it when very cold but didn't touch it prior. I have also hear they love to lay on loose hay.