Clover outcompetes my efforts for diversity??

I won the clover / brassica issue in a few plots and lost out to the clover in other plots. I believe a part of the difference was partial shade.....and some light tillage may have provided some help as well. The summer-long drought was the wild the clover was set back for a period of time......but in that time nothing grew due to lack of moisture. When the rains returned the clover came back faster than the stunted brassica in many areas. It was not a complete bust.....but I still am looking for a better method for next year.

The best results are shown below (and they look pretty good in the pics). I guess I forgot to take a picture of the mostly clover plots.....which also hold a bit of brassica. The rye came in my old failsafe will provide for this fall. Perhaps that chicory can still take hold in the next weeks too?

Curious of types of brassica and at what seeding rate per acre you I assumed drilled foggy. SD I believe has the magic leaf blower trick down pat and God knows he faster than Dr holiday. Lolll