Bad Shot

I have a Ted Neget signed “Re-elect that Mother Fucker” ball cap in my office when my coworker found them on his website to raise money for Trump’s re-election I simply had to have one. Shame he didn’t win.
I guess what I was taught for slug hunting when I was young, blow apart the front shoulder. Seems to have worked about every time. Bow hunting I just try to shoot around the shoulder, seems to have worked about every time. I try not to over think it. Rifle hunting don’t shoot it in the ass, seems to have worked about every time. Even then, seems to work, just takes longer, and you get more exercise looking for it.
I think for me being told too shoot “ just behind” the shoulder is kinda like shooting “ just to the side” of the bullseye.

The front leg, the center of the neck are easily defined land marks.

They also demarcate the center of the “ boiler room!”