Are We The Only Real Advocate For Deer?


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In the MN Outdoor News last week, Bob Zink wrote an article (Page 16) posing the question if the white pine and cedar forests could ever return to the north shore with deer there. He tried his best to come off as objective, but it was clearly a make-think hit piece on deer.

What blows my mind is that given how decimated the herd is up there, that they could even pose such a poorly-timed question? As soon as I saw a quote from a Nature Conservancy ecologist, I shut the door on consideration.

If they want to restore the white pine, it can be done. It's called bud capping. It can be done by convicts, delinquents, students, fraternities, sororities, and businesses, and the north shore has plenty to go around. You have to wonder if deer have any advocates out there other than Joe Sixpack.

Mn. Volunteer has a similar article.
Is the Nature Conservancy a group to worry about. Our own DNR Commish Tom Landwehr was director before the Gov picked him as commissioner.

'..most recently has served as Assistant State Director for The Nature Conservancy in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.'
Here is a new article about hiring the new Outdoor Heritage exec. director.

This is briefly mentioned:

Another dispute occurred over the types of questions council members can ask candidates. Cox and some others wanted to ask about the candidates’ hunting and fishing backgrounds, but were told by state officials that wouldn’t be inappropriate.

While there are advocates for hunting the people in control will do what they can to silence them.
A deer advocate is also who wants reasonable deer numbers. That does not include a deer behind every tree, which many hunters want. I know first hand how an overpopulation of deer destroy pretty much all native habitat in their reach. I'm starting to overcome that, and it has been a great deal of work.
Great video having to decide between a republican and a democrat. This video has so much relevancy in today's politics.