American Plum


5 year old buck +
I have a couple on my property I discovered but the fruit is cleared out rather quickly so I wanted to add more. With that said are there any tricks or things to be mindful of when planting these? Also, do they produce enough fruit to make the effort worth it?
Just my 2 cents, but I wouldn't put much effort into them strictly as a food source for deer. Everything that walks and some things that fly eat plums, so the fruit rarely lasts long. They do make some decent bedding areas around here though.
I was wondering, just when we wanted to pick some for a pie it was gone. I might still plant some but won't consider it lasting for the deer. Thanks!
American Plum

Hardy and they grow and produce fruit fast

Great cover. I way say average attraction for deer.
The AP at my dad's place drop all their fruit in a very short window. Seems like they hit ripe and fall within days.
I would not plant them- a lot more beneficial species to plant than plum. I cut the heck out of them as they tend to grow like gangbusters at a the farm. To be quite honest, I have never seen deer browse them nor eat the plums; you are in business however if you want to attract birds or raccoons!
I have seen deer use the plums, but not like apples.
I planted some in the 2-3' range this year along the edge of a field. I did not protect them at all and saw no sign of any of them being browsed.
Deer devour the snot out of it. This year I was finally able to grow one above a 4' tube. I would love it to form a thick grove. Just try walking through one, it is a deer bedding paradise.
From a habitat aspect it is great long term because it never gets overly mature like a tree. It's a short lived shrub. Just when it gets alitle too mature and open for bedding it dies and nasty suckers fill in.