Affordable Barn Build 2023


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Given the current market, and various interests and needs of members, I thought I would chronicle the building of our “affordable” metal barn. With the acquisition of adjacent farm land in December 2021, the need for equipment--thus storage--increased. Furthermore, my wife has been wanting to raise a couple of doe goats and desires a space for the goats “in bad weather.” Thus, this 30x50 web-frame metal barn build will attempt to accomplish both needs. Total cost will be under $25,000 installed. This price includes DYI site prep (forms, gravel, groundwork), a gate, three garage doors, entry door, barn installation on the prepared site, permits, etc… This cost will not include the interior goat fence I'll be installing nor the lean-to and 200 watt solar system (lighting, battery tender and a bubbler for the water system).

We went with a 30x50x14 design that will allow taller implements (tractors with ROPS or potentially our travel trailer) to be parked in the barn. A 12x12 main door, with 10x10 door on the opposite end, plus an 8x8 on the side (for the goats) will provide ease of access. The driveway to the barn will be through a new gate from the county road. Offset from the center of the gravel road is about 100', and the cost of that additional gravel drive is included in this price.

Removing fence sections for the gate and drive path.


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Cool, when does it go up?


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Once the site prep is done, about six to eight weeks. Actually construction takes two days. I hope to get the ground work mostly done this weekend. This includes 36’x56’ forms using 4x6 lumber for a 6” gravel base, and drain tiles on the slope sides. Once this is ready, I will send the builders pictures of the site and they will provide a six to eight week window for installation.


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The site prep is done. While a skid steer would have been the "right tool" I was able to do the project using my compact tractor, loader and some other implements.
Cost for the site prep was:
* Building Permit: $70
* 16' Gate $295
* Lumber, drainage tile, screws, rebar: $612
* Special Tools: $43
* Ground fabric: $120
* Gravel, 30 yards: $945
* Diesel: $30
* Time wise, the site prep took about 36 hours, plus two trips to the city to pick up the above.
Site Prep, Minus Labor: $2110

30'x50'x14' Metal Barn, installed with 12'x12' main roller door; 10'x10' rear roller door; 8'x8' side roller door, 36" side door: $20,295
Total: $22,405

Now I am waiting for the the builders to give me a date. I've used this builder twice before, so it's just a matter of time. My guess is that they will have it up in two days once they start. IMG_2690.jpeg

I still have additional leveling, but you can get the general site plan.
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