Aarrrggg. Twice in two weeks


This is on my lease. I'm hoping it is a relative of the owner that I don't know about. Some how I doubt it. The bone head neighbor had a coyote dog running trial yesterday.

And it resulted in this. Dogs can freely trespass in MO and you can't do squat about it.


Today this. Looking for a dog, joy ride?

Kids look is WTF is on that tree, Mom.


I head back the end of this week to try and get some work done. I'll have to get to the bottom of it then.
That would piss me off to no end!!
It isn't going to end well for someone... I'm glad I'm not that someone!

Your picture is clear enough maybe a local can ID. Can you zoon in and get a reg. # from the ATV? I prosecuted the one I caught & word got around, no more problems so far.
As soon as I get one ID'd, I'm pressing charges, I don't care if you have boobs or not. I really hope it's a relative but I don't think so.

I can zoom in but can't make any numbers out. She's married cause I can zoom in enough to see the ring.
I hope you nail her!! Shame she has a kid with her.
The owners live an hour away and don't have any ATV's on this farm. If it's them they trailered it there.

Older owners and I didn't want to bother them tonight. They don't have the Internet so I can't email the pic. Figured I'd print it and bring it to them.

This place is remote. I emailed my neighbor to the north and they don't know her. My closest neighbor to the south is 2 1/2 miles away and I don't know them.

No roads but I have a neighbor to the east about a mile away. He's a stickler like me. Hates trespassers and keeps his people in line. I'm hoping he knows them. Again no Internet, heck he doesn't even have a cell phone.

3 miles south is a church, they'll know her. I may have to confess on Sunday :)

Everyone in the cross road town 5 miles away is pissed cause I complained to the dept. of conservation about the hound run.

These past two weeks are the first problems I've had in five years. I had the game warden an sheriff up back then and things got quiet quick.

Time for a reminder.
I'd be so pissed. Sure hope you can get to the bottom of it.
She appears to be easy on the eyes. o_O
The dog would tick me off more than the atv. You can always block off entrances to stop the atv, but the dogs can't read signs and there owners probably can't either!
Really good news!

It's the owners niece and her son. They trailered the 4 wheeler down so she could take the boy for a ride while he worked the cows.

The last guy and the dog have me worked up I guess.
Glad part of your problem's are solved.
Thanks guys


Good news on the atv. Are the hound trials a once a year thing?

So far once a year. One year it was scheduled for Nov 1. There was an out roar in the neighborhood so they went to spring. I just keep waiting for the guy to switch back.
I know how you feel. I have seen neighbors dogs almost a dozen times this past year.
I here ya. neighbors dogs are tough. 2 in the cross hairs one day. They were constantly running. I couldnt do it. Thankfully they have moved.

As for the hound runs some of us neighbors are working pretty hard on MDC to get this nonsense knocked off in the neighborhood. Guy owns 40 acres and lets 50 to 100 hounds loose with a permit from the conservation dept. This last one ended with some livestock problems and some threats from the hounds men. I wasn't there but it sounds like it wasn't pretty. Regional manager from the conservation dept had to show up and put the brakes on it. Luckily future permits are based on past success or failure. I'd say this one was a failure.
It is real tough when you take off of work and sit for 3 or four hours and in comes two dogs. I normally just cuss them and let them go but after you see them more than once you know it isn't just a dog that accidentally got out or something. The way I see it if the person doesn't care enough about their pet to keep them put up then oh well! Good luck with your problem.
Nope they don't even carry guns.
Paint number on the dogs and go to different vantage points and write down the number of the first three dogs.

They do this at various points in the landscape and then tally them up. The tree dogs that are in lead most often win.

This year one neighbor with a big chunk was on patrol keeping them "the men" off him, thus the threats. The neighbor said deer and turkeys were busting out of everywhere. It's nuts, no way those dogs won't kill an early born fawn or a clutch of turkey poults if they find them.
That sucks about the dogs, at least the gal on the wheeler won't be an ongoing issue.

I like Minnesota's law on dogs, from the 2013 hunting regulations:

Dogs Pursuing Big game
No persons may allow their dog to chase or kill big game.
Between January 1 and July 14, a dog that is observed wounding, killing,
or pursuing in a way that endangers big game may be killed by any person.
A peace officer or conservation officer may kill a dog that endangers big
game at any time of the year. The officer or person is not liable for damages
for killing the dog.

It is surprising that nobody has tried to get this changed. Every couple years it seems like someone shoots a dog during hunting season, which is illegal, and gets in some trouble.