Hunting bean / corn rotation locations


5 year old buck +
Anyone hunt a place that rotates between corn and beans. Usually 2 years of corn then a year of beans, but he switches it up sometimes based on market predictions.

Area is 350 acres or so, maybe 70 of it is not tilled. A swampy area, a large brush island, and a untilled fallow goldenrod area. Some fields are only 100 yards wide, some are 500 x 300 yards or so. Blue is border, orange is where a treestand or ground blind is. Red is typical deer paths I know of. Huntied there maybe 3-5 times a year since 2016 or 2017.

Deer run the edges more during corn and make quick easy cuts through the open during bean years? This area is about 3 hours from his farm, so no off season rye or other cover crops in the 6 years he owned it. A friend of his sold his farm and moved up here, so 1/2 the time his buddy helps plant and harvest. His buddy is kind of a hobbyist farming services guys. Gots the tools, but doesn't own animals or fields anymore.

Group of locals on the east drive deer on the property on that rectangle brush island. Only really mature woodsy area is a bit on the east, but the nieghboring group of hunters kinda think it's their property. I can put posted signs, but brother-in-law does not want to arrest folks or have hassles. He's got alot more parcel than this, little to no crop damage from ATV/vehicle traffic, and neighbor at only road entrance from south calls anyone shows up there, incuding me. Farm buddies from the West also drive a side by side there a bit and come there on foot too. They seen me once or twice and high tailed it outta there. Guys from east think they're on their own property. Caught them drivng deer saturday. Said they were tracking a wounded deer and kicking him out. 2 guys had a shotgun with no sights or scope, buckshot is illegal in NY. Fustrating, but can be fruitful over there. Neighboring property does doe management, so buck to doe ratio seems almost like more bucks than does, but might be close to 50/50.

Not shown is a 80 acre parcel about 5 minutes away. Difficult to hunt. Break between 2 field sections ends at someone farmhouse with dogs / horses there. Front section follow a small creek a bit. Back section is 1/2 a open monsterous hayfield and the other half is a fallow large field. Deer get there, but have to walk around to get to. Farmhouse owner is a PITA, leaves noteson my car, etc.... I believe he leases a 20 or so acre parcel from him on the other side of the farmhouse there. Amish family is on other side and hunts everything there alot. Never caught anyone on camera there, except for a fluke truck going down the tractor path.


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