A Clean Shop


5 year old buck +
Just spent 3 days cleaning up my pole shed. Got most things hanging on the wall or up on a shelf. Bolts all in cabinet drawers, etc. I won't know how to act! ;) Figured I better take some pictures.....it may never be this cleaned up again. View attachment 214View attachment 218 View attachment 214 View attachment 218 View attachment 214 View attachment 218 View attachment 219


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.....and I found a sign I forgot I had. It says: "We did not rise to the top of the food chain to eat salad".
I love vegetables! (all my favorite foods live on them)
Come on Foggy a concrete floor and not insulated? Looks good.
Looking good!...Nice to have things organized!...;)
Come on Foggy a concrete floor and not insulated? Looks good.
Yeah.....I have a couple of things I could wish for in the shed. However, at the time I had it built.....'09.....it felt like the world was coming to an end. I may have been the only pole shed built that year.....the economy seemed doomed. Spending on such stuff was not happening.

I wish it was a bigger shed (don't we all?) and I wish I had another overhead door.....and yadda yadda. I also didn't know I was going to get electric service, which became available to me two years later. When it gets too cold so that I NEED heat.....I'm going to go to Arizona. :p:D
Looking good. You want to come and cleanup my garage? :D
Now you have lots of room for a new toy!!! :D
Great looking habitat. I see a bedding area( table and chairs) on one side and potential for a food plot on the other(the broad cast spreader). Not sure about the stand placement they look a little close to each other.Ha. Smaller shed is better that no shed. I have no shed and really need to build one . So I can buy more sh$t...
My garage used to be fairly orderly, then I got a teenage son that bought an old car. Now you are lucky if you can see the floor. If I have 1/2 of my tools still I will be amazed! He has a little surprise coming his way now that the weather is decent! Clean it up - or get yor crap out of my garage! I understand things get messy in the middle of a project -this looks more like a tornado hit!
Owner of a clean shop is like a skinny cook...can't trust em. :p
Now you have lots of room for a new toy!!! :D

Not too sure about any new toys.....I'm lucky to get the toys I have inside that shed. I got a golf cart, UTV, ATV, Tractor and a few PTO implements I try to keep in the shed. If it does not have a PTO shaft, hydraulic cylinders, or an engine.....it's gotta sit outside now. I really could use more storage for implements......but the storage space costs more than the implements. I leave my disk, cultipacker, lime spreader, loader bucket, snow plow, landscape rake, trailers, and more sitting outside now. Kinda sucks letting some of this stuff weather.....but hard to justify more inside space.
I have met very few people that ever said , "Nope - I got all the space I need"! Seems like the more space we have the more crap we find to fill it with! I have a huge morotn style building but it gets rented to the farmer for his equipment! My poor 790 Deere looks pretty pathetic against some of the monsterous stuff he uses. My payments aren't as big as his either!