A Microfarm

All 8 varieties on this 6yo Frankentree are blooming this year.

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Last year I planted 2 comfrey plants by the majority of my fruit trees, to be used as mulch for those trees. They've turned out to be an excellent indicator so spots that are low in fertility.

The first pic shows a tree that is thriving, and it's comfrey pair is as well. The second pic shows another tree, on the same rootstock and planted at the same time, which is struggling. It's comfrey pair is growing slowly as well. Now I know I need to add a bunch of my compost around this tree.

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Something went to town on the new growth of my chestnut trees. I'm assuming it was some type of caterpillar, but can't find the culprit on any of the trees. Perhaps it moved on to it's next life stage?

Looks like 2 or 3 trees are making catkins. Might have to actually spray them as last season beetles destroyed the catkins in short order.

I try not to spray unless absolutely necessary. For instance, this cherry tree has some aphids on it, but the ladybugs are already on it.

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Planted my second round of sweet corn today, so thought I'd share my process.

The first photo shows the garden bed with mother nature's cover crop. There was white campion, yellow sorrel, wild lettuce, lambsquarter, milkweed, and some grasses. I pulled everything and tossed it into the path.

The second photo shows the bed after pulling the weeds. The debris there is what's left after throwing a bunch of dahlia stalks in it last fall. That stuff was raked off and put into the pathway.

The third photo shows the bed after using my hand cultivator. I then plant 3 rows in this 4 foot wide bed, with seeds spaced about 9 inches apart. Any weeds that come up from here on out will be pulled and layed around the corn as mulch.

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Picked up my pollinator habitat kit from the Xerxes Society on Monday. Spent yesterday and today getting it planted. Here are before and after photos. I'll post individual plant pics and info as they bloom, though some may not until next year.