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Herron Ridge … Trials, Tribulations, & Some Good Stuff

Tree Spud

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Thought I would share our place and the various experiences we have had.

It has been often said that a piece of coal can only become a diamond after many years of pressure & stress. Well that sums up habitat work from my perspective.

We purchased this property in 2012 and it was our “feet out first property”, a place we would eventually retire to. We have owned several hunting properties over the years. They were all good deer hunting properties, but we learned a lot about neighbors, Govt interference (WRP) with goals, and that you can only change a properties landscape so far before you begin to disrupt the wildlife balance.

The property is 350 acres and has very diverse terrain going from very dense tag alder/ROD marsh thickets to ag type land. The property is 1.2 miles north to south and 0.6 miles east to west. From the lower marsh the property rises 60’ to the hills on the north end.

My wife named the property Heron Ridge as we often see Heron’s in the marsh, ponds, and flying overhead.

Hope you enjoy the journey on Heron Ridge … I'll try and share what we have learned after many years of habitat work.

This is the view on the highest ridge on north end of property looking south. You can see the 30 acre lake looking south. There is about 40 acres of tillable ground split into 25 acres on the north end and 15 acres in the mid area of the property.

Farm II 018 hill view.JPG

Here is the view from the back deck ... a great place to enjoy a beer after working.


Soybeans waiting for the deer to munch them ...

0825181125 (1).jpg

Tree Spud

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As mentioned, we have some very dense marsh & thickets … Tag Alder, ROD, Grey Dogwood, Tamarack, and some Cedar. This area is about 200 acres of the property.

There are 2 other neighbors that connect with us and surround the lake. The lake is surrounded by about 500 acres of similar dense marsh & thickets. This gives us some incredible sanctuary. The lake is pretty shallow but has all the food sources for ducks & geese. It is also protected by the surrounding bog & marsh. The waterfowl hunting, if you can get to the lake, is incredible.

labor day 12 019 marsh.JPG

labor day 12 026 lake boat.JPG


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Looks great! Love the lake and marsh.....350 acres to work with would be AWESOME!

Native Hunter

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Very nice. Looking forward to seeing more pics of your great looking land.

Tree Spud

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The ag land is divided into 2 parcels. On the middle of the property we have a15 acres of tillable ground. Soil is sandy loam so crop rotation is important. We also have issues when we get a mid to late summer drought which can stunt crop growth. Attempting to over seed with brassicas in mid August is a waste of time as we would typically only get some top growth and very little bulb production. That is why I always will overseed with red clover in mid August and then with WR in 1st week od Seot.

Below field is outlined with red dotted line showing east-west boundaries. Our property east boundary is about 300 yards from the road on the north half. This provides a nice barrier from the round plus the neighbor has ~40 acres of ag and then more ag across the road. Green area is tillable. The tillable land is elevated and the blue line shows a ridge that surrounds this area. The drop to the marsh is ~25'. The point that extends above the ridge drop is an excellent spot as bucks scent checking to the west during the rut use this point to enter the field from the west. From the north side of the ag to beyond the creek is excellent bedding area also. We leave these areas as sanctuary and really only go in during the winter. The couple of time I have tried to hunt the creek bottom area had constant wind direction changes making it very hard not to get busted.


The ag land on our north end has similar soil but it gets a bit better on the lower 3rd. We do not lack water on the property. There are multiple springs (lavender dots) that they tried to create drain dikes to move the water away to the creek. Not sure if they ever farmed these areas as the soil is heavy peat. On one are into the marsh where I bow hunt, they is a 1/2 acre higher spot. I only sprayed with herbicide and broad cast spread brassicas & clover. Everything grew very well.

Everything to the south of the Ag is great bedding area and we keep as sanctuary.

I also noted the "dreaded" beaver dam. He is my constant nemesis and I will get to him later.


Tree Spud

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We got 1.9" of rain on Sunday and another 0.5" yesterday. April rain was only 50% of monthly average so we were desperate for rain as all of our tree plantings last 3 weeks were in need.

May is starting out wet!


Yearling... With promise
We got 1.9" of rain on Sunday and another 0.5" yesterday. April rain was only 50% of monthly average so we were desperate for rain as all of our tree plantings last 3 weeks were in need.

May is starting out wet!
I'm Jealous. wow that looks like a great place. Keep us posted on the progress. What part of the country are you in?