Wow. This is a bit un-nerving. Out of the past.


5 year old buck +
Connection to Jacob Wedderling?? At one time I owned a lake cabin near Paynesville MN on Lake Koronis. I bought a Simmons scope from the local gun shop there....and they said to go out to this gravel pit where I could shoot and sight it in. So a friend and I went out there and were sighting it in......when this vehicle comes storming down the road dust flying with two a driver (old man) and passenger ('kid") whom appears to be loading a gun sitting in the front seat. My friend said I should hold my it didnt appear "right" and I agreed.

After lots of threats and claims we were trespassing (no signs of any kind) we said we would leave.....just as the kid says " we've killed lots of people out here". The kid seemed a brick or too "off"....but I felt quite threatened and was glad I was holding my gun which I had pointed at the ground in their direction. They never left the car.....and we packed up and left right behind them.

Then the news story about Paynesville got me to thinking and recalling this event from some 25 years ago. I called the Sherrifs office today.....and they told me about these folks. Wow. Wow. Wow. This coulda been bad. These guys did in fact kill people!!

I wish this connection to Paynesville would have been told about earlier.....maybe I would have made the connection at that time. :(

Neighbors Discuss Paynesville Family & Possible Wetterling Connection « CBS Minnesota
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I bet that just sent shivers up your back. They sure are a nasty looking pair.
I think the older guy died in prison didn't he?

Amazing that these guys were not put away years ago?
Dang thats crazy!
One of the local news stations interviewed the dad within the last year I want to say.... Man what a couple of FREAKS.
That kind of makes your skin crawl! Then again, my grandfather knew Ed Gein:eek: back in the day when my great-grandparents had a small place on the edge of Plainfield, WI. My grandpa would always tell us that he was a very quiet and polite man who would acknowledge you with a nod or wave if he recognized you as a local, but little else. Grandpa also said that he was a bit strange and kind of creepy, but no more so than a half dozen other guys you would see around town at the local hardware stores and diners.
The old man looks straight up psycho....with a couple extra chromosomes in the mix. i wonder what his psych eval reads
Yep. The sheriff deputy told me the old guy died in prison. On the day of "my event" I was holding an old Rem 721 in 30/06. I had one round in the chamber and none in the magazine when they came storming up. After a little "wild' I watched the "kid" loading a gun in the front seat.......I slipped my thumb onto the safety and positioned my body sideways and the barrel slowly toward the car.....but still at the dirt. The old man and the kid both saw I had "the drop" on them when the kid uttered his threat. I was really unsure what would happen next.....but they finally just told us to get outta there and left.

We often wondered what might have happened if I had set that gun down. My friend was unarmed and these boys were certifiable. We considered calling the sheriff that day.....but what would we tell them? - "we were trespassing in this gravel pit and the owners told us to leave"??

The deputy told me today that I had read the situation correctly....and it was a good thing I was holding a gun. Just goes to show 'ya.

It was so much more than that.....but little did we know. :(
Has more evidence become available for these guys in the last few days?

I have a client who delivered nitrogen tanks to that farm as a young man. The tanks were going to the renter of the land.

He was told to not talk to the people on the farmstead, just unhook the tanks and leave.

Stu-I want to verify that I do NOT live in Stearns county. These guys are not my relatives (I hope!)
6 degrees of separation.... We have the Wedderling family and Ed Gein connections on this little forum. That's impressive!

For the record, those guys look like bad apples!

I bet that just sent shivers up your back. They sure are a nasty looking pair.

As this was could tell that these boys were not playing with a full deck. The kid was absolutely livid.....and you could tell the Dad was concerned when the kid uttered "we have killed lots of guys out here".

Realize this was like 25 years ago.....and my memory is a bit foggy......but, It was like out of a movie. Deliverance? I thought that at any minute a gun barrel was going to come out that window.....and I was not sure what I would have done. I think the kid was having problems with loading he kept fumbling and looking at me and then down at the gun (which I never did actually see, but I have seen a few guns loaded in my day.).

I remember I had one round in the gun.....and I think it was in the chamber.....but was having doubts at the time. More ammo was at our car. Both my friend and I were looking for a way to get our car between us and them.....but that was about twenty feet away (?). I know I thought to myself to "get sideways" so to be less of a target.....and was quite relieved when they drove away. I'm not sure if I would have shot if a barrel came out that window.....or what I may have done under those same circumstances.

Now that I know the rest of that story......I will never part with that old 721 Remmy. :)
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Yep, you need license to go hunting and fishing......but nothing to make babies. There is a couple that should have been hit in the head with a sledge hammer at birth!

Scary stuff foggy. Glad it did not come down to where you had to pull the trigger.
I ended up deleting all my stories of hillbilly horror I had typed out ready to post. That stuff is a whole lot closer and prevalent in quiet communities than you'd think. There's a good reason I pack heat when i'm out in the boonies. Now consider this, the next story to break is going on right now. We just don't know where it is, or exactly what it is. I hope it's nowhere near me or my family and friends. The news is a lagging thing.
Wow what a story Foggy. The hair on my neck is still standing up after reading it. With all the crazies out there it pays to be ready.
so they are suspects now,but not 20 years ago? Those cops and deputies had to be right up there 20 years ago if they couldnt make a connection
Wow what a story Foggy. The hair on my neck is still standing up after reading it. With all the crazies out there it pays to be ready.

Not sure if your ever "ready" for something like this. This sort of stuff develops out of the blue when you least would expect it.
so they are suspects now,but not 20 years ago? Those cops and deputies had to be right up there 20 years ago if they couldnt make a connection
They went to prison for killing a guy at that pit in 2011 (which he had sold even before I was there....if I got the facts straight). They had threatened lots of folks and held several at gunpoint. I cannot understand why these guys were on the lose. THAT is crazy....when you read these account. Law enforcement never seemed to connect any dots until this past six months or so. Now all kinds of tips are coming in. Duh.
holy crap. that gun may have saved your life.

by the way, my neighbor was on one of jacob wetterling's hockey teams. i hope they finally figure this out and give his family some peace. this sounds more encouraging than the previous false alarms in recent years
^ Yep. I'd lay ten to one odds these are the guys. But you gotta wonder if anyone could ever prove it. Sorry SOB's....those guys.

Odd thing.....I reported what I know. The deputy thanked me......and told me they knew what I was going to tell them (and about who) after just a few minutes......and then gave me some info here.....and then said goodbye. I figured I would be questioned further trying to piece some info together. ??? Seems odd way to investigate such a big story from these parts.....given all the attention it garnered (and still does) in the news. Strange.
That gravel pit might have more than gravel!

Scary guys