Wilderness whitetails has another Cwd deer



southern marathon county has another Cwd positive test result at wilderness whitetails. Central wi is now in a Cwd zone, you get a red ear registration tag. All deer donated are tested for Cwd as well. Welcome to the modern world if deer management. Only time will tell what it brings....
I just read in the ODN a whole deer farm in Northern Iowa has CWD. When will it end?..........Never?
Is WW a High Fence game farm or do they just raise and sell deer? Are those deer destroyed that test positive?
Crossed northern WI last weekend from Eagle River to Grantsburg...every gas station we passed had piles of 50 lb. bags of "deer corn"

Let me tell you Stu, we normally sell over 3,000bu of corn in 50 and 75lb bags every year right here in MN. Some for Corn stoves but most is for feeding wildlife. Deer to be exact. It ain't just in Wisconsin!
Canned kennel and they only test when the big bad A$$ "hunter" dumps his prey.

So do they do anything about it? If not, why test?