WI cougars

Good Reason to carry a pistola while bow hunting....................Legal or not!:eek:
Mine's like a master card, don't leave home without it.
Had one on my place around this time last year. He took around a half dozen does and fawns which I appreciated.
I don't care for wolves, but something with those cats intrigues me
I always remember the Field & Stream story told by an Elk hunter out west ....

He described how he walked up the mountain in fresh snow in the dark that morning. When he walked back down, the only other tracks besides his own were that of a cougar that had followed his tracks. He described the very eerie feeling of being stalked by an alpha predator alone on that mountain.
My brother has been stalked by them on more than one occasion while up in the mountains of WY. He has seen them following him in the distance while elk hunting and while fishing on the mountain lakes for trout. He said it makes him a little sick to his stomach if he doesn't have a sidearm. Consequently, last fall, after glassing one through the trees coming up the same trail he walked up while stalking elk with his bow, he went out and bought a .40cal Glock to carry with him and he does so religiously now.