What the heck is this stuff?


Found a patch of yellow/ orange vine next to one of my bean plots. About a 12 foot circle and spreading.

Heck it was actually killing some rag weed.

I think I killed it??. I was spraying a fence and had gly/atrazine in the tank so I doused it pretty good.

Hope it wasn't a rare good thing :)


That is dodder - a parasitic plant that lives off other plants. You can google it and learn more.
That's crazy I've never seen anything attack other plants like that. Read that it is in the morning glory family which makes sense. 2,4-D should take care of it from what I read.
Thanks for the info. I think I have it dead.

I actually had a little 24-db in the mix I hit it with.

I'll keep an eye on it and use diesel fuel if I have to :)