What Are You Planting This Spring?

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Well the crazy spring weather is starting to move towards warmer temps which means tree planting a bit earlier here in the north. We had a lot of snow last week, which is now gone , and a really good rain Mon/Tue. Ground is thawed so it seems ready. I am planting the following this spring...

48 Apple trees (crabs & apple)
3 Pear trees
100 White Spruce
100 Speckled (tag) alder
25 American plum
200 Hybrid willow
100 Norwegian spruce
100 Black spruce
25 White birch

I will be putting in 9-10 acres of food plots ... ~8 acres soy beans, 2 acres clover, and then over seed turnips, brassica, & WR into the soy beans after I have sprayed for weeds & grasses.

What are you planting?
10 white cedar (2 gallon pots)
10 swamp white oak (18-24" bareroot)
10 red splendor crab apple (18-24" bareroot)
10 dogwood (18-24" bareroot)
10 flame willow (18-24" bareroot)
25 black hills spruce (7-15" bareroot)
25 tamarack (12-18" bareroot)
25 white pine (7-15" bareroot)
25 white cedar (10-18" bareroot) - Im probably gonna take 15 of these and put them into leftover pots and grow them at home over the summer
10 meyer spruce (1 gallon pot)
5 white cedar (1 gallon pot)
10 austrian pine (2 gallon pot)

All the pine, cedar, flame willow, dogwood get cages/weed mats/mulch. Swamp white oak and red splendor crabs are going into tubes with weed mats and mulch. Spruce trees will get weed mats and mulch only. Tamaracks are gonna get planted and I'm walking away.

Cedar and pine grow fantastic on my land. I'm expecting big drought this summer again. I only plan to water the potted trees. The rest will be in God's hands.
Just doing about 6 acres in food plots and then I have about a dozen different fruit and berry trees/shrubs going in the back yard. Not even sure if I got 100 or 125 spruce trees coming. Ordered a couple of months ago and of course I didn't write anything down so I'll find out when they get here. Got the PLUG seedlings. After planting plugs I don't think I'll do any bare root plantings again. Should also add that my sprue will all get planted in a small area with 4-5 spacing and then they will be transplanted with my excavator to their permanent spots in a few years. I just space them enough now so I'm only grabbing one at a time with the excavator bucket.
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This spring is;
10 new pears
20 sawtooth oaks
20 chinquapin oaks
20 dwarf chinquapin oaks
30 Chickasaw plums
20 Chinese chestnuts
10 thin shelled pecans

I think I have some more stuff that I ordered last summer but can’t even remember what it is?
I know I didnt order a bunch this winter, because I am tired of the drought for the last 3 years. I know I ordered some white cedars(maybe 30?), and some apple trees (6?). Not sure what I am putting in my 2 acres of food plots yet. They havent been very productive with the droughts the last 3 years.
Concordia Oaks, Red oak, cedar, Spruce, Common Wild Apple. Hackberry, Plum & a few apple trees!

All caged or tubed .. 🙄 I ordered too many !
A dozen apple trees that were grafted last year, another 20 apple trees this fall that I'll graft next month, 500 white spruce, 100 wild plum and about 12 acres of food plots of different varieties. The next couple months will be busy, but that's a good thing.
I’m not 100% certain, but I think I ordered:

4 potted white cedar
25 bare root Chokecherry

Prolly gonna grab a hundred ditch spruce and move them into my new sanctuary cut. Prolly put down 4 bushels of spring Barley, and then flax and pumpkins. All that is going into well established clover. Gonna be shocked if any of it pushes thru.

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100 swamp white oak, 25 black cherry, 25 Chickasaw plum, and 25 hazelnut. Picked them all up this afternoon and got 50 in the ground before dark. Hope to finish tomorrow. I am tubing 75 of them.
25 Concordia Oaks
25 Burr oaks
25 Buttonbush
14 Hybrid Chestnuts ( buddy planted seeds, don't know mother plants)
20 Apples and Crabs from Century Farms
50 grafted apple and crab trees that I plan to direct plant this week
10 pears I will field graft from root stock I planted last year
2 acres of buckwheat
I've got about 130 oaks started and will pick about 50-60 of the best to plant between my home property and hunting property, then give the rest away.
I know I have 1/2 dozen apples ordered, but can't remember which ones. I need to start planting more evergreens, but probably not this year.
These pots have:
White ( local awesome tree)
Swamp White ( down wind from above white)
Chestnut oak ( that I hope were crossed with white)
Pin ( hopefully crossed with Northern red)
Swamp Chestnut ( from a tree I planted 20+ years ago, surrounded by English)
Swamp white ( from a tree I planted 20+ years ago, surrounded by English)
English ( possible cross with White)
Bur x english


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60 apple, crab and pear trees. What a sickness it is
No trees - done with trees. Around here, the juice is not worth the squeeze.

Sunflowers and millet for doves
Couldn't afford to order any trees this year, but have a few apples from the nursery to transplant.

I tossed a whole bunch of cherry, plum, and peach pits out into a grass field in early winter just to see if anything comes up on it's own.

Still a ton of acorns on the edge of my food plot. If any of them start growing I'll probably try to transplant them.
I got 40 bare roots from MDC.
Red oak, hackberry, persimmons, hazelnuts.

400 big gulp cups about 140 sprouted so far. Mostly Northern Red Oak, I think Teeder’s English oaks, and the Bass Pro shops burr English are neck and neck for sprouting so far!

I got some Minnesota black oak, Concordia, ( Mozark). Crimson spire, columnar, Garry, Swo, chestnut.

I had a hiccup where everything froze for a few days. So I expect a 150 or so might be stunted or have damping disease


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I want to thank everyone one who sent acorns.

Here are some plums from the tolt river in Washington

It’s the three in big pots closest to the window


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Got my 100 oaks today 50 Nuttall's in the ground this evening we will get the 50 Concordia in tomorrow evening.
Had more dead trees than my 100 could replace I ordered 50 Cherry bark oak yesterday from MDC to fill in the rest.
Please share the virtues of cherry bark oak.