Success is in the eye of the beholder!


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Took my youngest out last night - no deer, but a success all the same. She likes the "war paint" the most I think. Lots of questions on her part. Funny what goes thru the mind of a 10 year old!
That's one happy little kiddo, congrats!

that looks like a great way to spend some time!
It's not so easy taking a selfie when you have a flip phone!
Looks like a good bonding time for dad & daughter.
That is awesome! I always had a ton of fun hunting with the man child, but the hunts with my daughter always seemed extra special, for some reason. She's no longer short and is out of the house now, but we still talk to this day about the first turkey hunt I took her on when she was about that age...And we never even saw a bird (After a while, I let her do the wasn't pretty, but the two of us spent around 2 hrs straight laughing). Long way of saying, I agree. The kill or even seeing something isn't the judge of success when talking your kids out. It's how much they enjoyed their time with you that matters.
Awesome pic. That is what hunting with kids should be about.
Great pic! Memories that will last forever.
Great pic! Enjoy those times because they grow up way too fast.
I started with my oldest (my only boy) and he is a freshman in college now. The pic is of my youngest (she is 10) so I am well aware of how time flies. I have also learned that if your not having fun- you need to be doing something else!
Great job JBird!
You would be surprised at how many guys are to selfish to take their own kid hunting! Crazy! I Know I'm thankful my dad took me an I can't wait to take my boys! My old man bought me my first daisy BB gun when I was 7. Two days later bye bye to the neighbors sliding glass door haha
He tells that story every chance he gets
I am a self-taught deer hunter, but my Dad and Grandpa are the two that gave me the exposure to the outdoors (mostly small game hunting and fishing) as a kid. I figure I owe it to my kids to do the same. I also have gained a far deeper respect for those that took me. Taking 4 kids fishing at one time is a handful and a real test of patience! I figure if I present the opportunities to my kids and let them take it from there - some are hunters and others prefer to just watch and thats fine. They all fully understand that nature isn't all warm and fuzzy or even remotely fair (life is NOT like a Disney movie). Some simply like looking for deer tracks or just taking a walk - it's all good!