Stark Bros Sale

They give you a refund even if's it's on sale. They don't send you a tree, but give you a refund for the price you paid.

Had a saturn peach die down to the ground about 2 months after I planted it. Never had any vigor, but was putting a bit of growth on. Planted 2 of them last year, the other did alot better.
I may have been a bit premature in my predictions of gloom and doom..starting to pop some leaves but I guess time will tell..did give it a 5 gallon bucket of water last night (which at my place is extreme babying haha)IMG_1613.jpeg
I've tried to like Stark...both times I've ordered from them in the past, half of the trees die withing first two years. All planted early spring and watered well, most of the dead loss just didn't wake up the following year.
Have NEVER had those problems with other nurseries.
My shipment looks like a out half of it is dead. I took photos, and I will continue to monitor them.
I wonder how much of this has to do with pre-shipment care and how much has to do with shipping..I never do fast shipping and you gotta wonder how beat those trees get sitting in hot trucks and warehouses for days..I am in no way defending Stark as my tree arrived with the “water holding material” (couple gobs of formerly wet shredded papers) about a foot up the tree…also had a similar experience with a reputable nursery that I had formerly had good luck ordering from ..sent me a couple larger hawthorns that didnt make it…