Sending in teeth to verify age


5 year old buck +
Anyone know where to send in the bottom front teeth so I can know the exact age of my buck? I'd like to share the info. With our co-op when I get back the results.
Gotta thank Bill...he gave it to me! have a good Turkey day!
We have used them in the past works good but will take a number of months for the results
Don't you have to send in the whole jaw bone?
Don't you have to send in the whole jaw bone?
According to their YouTube video, it's the 2 bottom front teeth you extract.
One can also send ine jaw bone and they will use one of the molars for aging as well. I did that with two deer that I found dead after season that I had history with and had put on the target list. I wanted to see if my age estimation was in science's ballpark. They both came back 4.5 and that is what I had estimated. I don't put my estimates on what I send to as I want them to have no other input besides what is given by the tooth evidence.