Scent control worries with a box blind

Turkey Creek

5 year old buck +
Just wondering tonight as I sat in a ground blind how much impact a box blind has on scent control? If the windows are shut do you guys with box blinds worry about scent control? I hope someday to add a couple box blnds to my arsenal.
I leave the window open on the side I will most often be shooting from. I was winded once and have considered a plastic stove pipe that is ten or more feet tall. Would heat (from the heater) blow scent out higher and be less of a problem?
Ozonics. Crazy good in a blind.
Wind is always a concern......but much less so in an elevated box blind. I think the heaters actually that the warm air (and scent) rises. I am amazed at how the deer come in to my plots .....downwind of my stands. Much better than anticipated.