Question about apples near walnuts


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I apologize if this has been discussed before. I did a quick Google search that didn't really produce what I was looking for.

I have apple trees on order for this Spring. I have quite a few wild black walnut trees on my property. How far do I need to stay away from the walnuts with my apple plantings? I don't want to risk juglone damage to the apples.

Someone else may have better info but from my research, juglone goes as far as the walnut roots do. Also, juglone comes from the leaves and walnut skins that decompose on the ground. If you kill the a walnut, it would reduce the juglone over several years.
I agree with the above. I have planted over 300 bareroot apples on my property (both grafted and seedling), and the only one that died a mysterious death was one that was about 10-15 yards away from a 7 or 8 inch walnut. We hadn't seen it when we planted. Needless to say, the walnut met the chainsaw and gly. It has been 3 years, so this spring I will replant that "spot."
Juglone does affect apple trees- regardless you should stay away as much as possible to minimize any competition with nutrients/water/sunlight. Walnuts will exceed 70' tall and 40' wide
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Thanks guys. I have plenty of places to plant away from any walnut. I'll stay well away at first. I might take out some walnut and/or get a little more adventurous as I plant more apple trees in the future.
If I was any closer than 25yds I would have some concern.