My Neighbor got a decent buck.


5 year old buck +
I had several pics of this deer over the summer and fall. IIRC my neighbor told me he weighed 230# dressed. Best deer ever off his land - directly to the north of my land.

Marks deer.JPG
230. Thats a hoss. Nice buck.

some day i will get my mug on here with a deer. :)
hopefully in about 300 days.
The deer does not really look that big in the pics.....but the neighbor is a pretty good sized guy.....and he is alongside, rather than behind the buck. Not sure what the deer would score.....but he has a nice spread.
Nice looking buck!
Nice buck.

It takes a village!
Nice. Congrats to your neighbor
Great buck.
I liked that north part of your piece if I remember direction right.

I think you said you were going to get a stand for yourself there. Some elevation to hinge some military crest bedding into, and a nice thick low area there as well. Looked like some of the best turf on your spot.
Great season for nice bucks between you and your neighbors! All stars must have aligned.
Nice buck! I bet you were happy to see him kill that one opposed to a basket 6!!!?