My second son's buck


5 year old buck +
Life gets tougher to kill your own deer when you have 2 boys who also want to kill one.

My 9 year old had a rough start to his year. Winged a buck earlier this year and gut shot a small doe. Turns out, the string on the crossbow was shot. I changed that and it sighted in much better.

Flash forward to youth gun season and he hammered a doe with the 350 Legend ( i got it on iphone camera) but probably due to bad advice on his dad's part, it was an almost straight on shot. Found some blood, broke the offside leg, and cannot find the deer anywhere. So frustrating.

Flash forward to Tuesday evening and a couple small bucks were on camera during daylight. He had a haircut after school so I told Mom I'll pick him up and we're going hunting. It was raining/misty all day and wouldn't be an easy track job, but if the deer are there, lets make it happen.

Picked him up from his haircut and practically jogged into the blind. Got set up a 4:35. Last light was at 5:35.

at 5:00 I looked out the window and saw a buck making a rub on a sapling. We got ready and it took about 10 minutes for him to come our way, jump a fence, and walk in. But when he did, he was quartered away at 15 yards.

The arrow hit a little back for my liking, but like I said, he was quartered away. He took off on a death run and we saw/heard him crash in the field right next to our setup.

Brothers showed up to help track and though we didn't have blood due to the rain, we walked right up to him. And redemption was sweet for his first bow buck.

Pretty proud of the grit and determination this kid showed in getting back out there after adversity.
His second buck ever and his first with the bow.
This is on a property close to home where we don't really manage for big deer. It's a perfect place to take kids who want to kill deer, and he did. That's more fun than doing it yourself.

Also, obligatory back of the pickup truck grip and grin...

Congrats to your son!
Nice buck, congrats!
I wish my 2nd buck was that big! Congrats! Great deer!
Great job helping the little guy get it done.
Some fine looking lads you got there!

Nice work! The hunters are on the board!
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Congrats to your son and you. That's a heck of a nice buck!! Grin says it all. Pics will mean a lot down the road. Great job Dad!!