Chris's 2nd Buck


5 year old buck +
Early in the morning on Nov. 18 my son Chris made a fine shot on a nice 10 pointer. There was a doe in a little plot in front of us, and he spotted a deer cruising down the hillside toward the plot. It crossed the creek and came into range totally fixed on the doe. He let the 350 Legend bark and dropped the deer in its tracks. The prior night Chris had his safety off on a nice 7 pointer a few times, but showed good restraint by not forcing a shot he didn't feel comfortable taking. A few minutes after that we had our #1 buck move into range, 60 yards away perfectly broadside, but it was 2 minutes after legal light was up. Heartbreaking, but that's hunting.

Chris had his youth either-sex tag still unused in his pocket, which would've been legal to use on a buck in this 1st gun season, but he chose to use his landowner tag instead. A sign of maturity calling it quits on bucks for the year. You can see the oat spreader blind we sat in, up the hill in the picture, nestled amongst tree cages.

The buck was most likely a 3.5 yr old. Didn't weigh him but kinda looked like that 180 dressed size. Gross score 138" net 136".

Great story, great buck. Congrats Chris!
Very nice! Great story.
Wow! Congrats!
Dang that is going to be a tough buck to top for awhile!
Congratulations Chris! Awesome buck!
That's a beautiful deer. Congratulations to Chris and you. And I hope that #1 shows up for him next year - even bigger!
Nets are for fishing. ;) Great buck!

The deer looks older 2 me?
Very nice! Congrats to the both of you.
Thats awesome! Nothing better than that! Congrats to both of you!