My little piece of dirt.....


5 year old buck +
I have already mentioned that I started buying little small blocks of land that joined my grandpa's land when I was 19. My first piece was only 5 acres. Then a couple years later I bought 15 more from my uncle after my grandpa died.
Fast forward 2 more purchases and three kids I have got all the ole homeplace except for the thirty something acres that my dad has. Its been in the family for over 100 yrs.
I'm proud to have this place for my three boys to enjoy.

It's close to 90 acres , and love going to the country! My dad has my grandparents old house so we have a great place to stay.

We also have a nice pond.

I have planted many trees and put a lot of work on this place since I was a kid!
I don't have a lot of extra money so I knew I would have to start young and small blocks to make it happen.

Enjoy the pictures from my little piece of dirt.

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Lots of black berries.
I have a bunch of young pear trees.
another pear.

It has lots of pears.
Looks like a beautiful place with a lot of work done to it huntall! Its neat to see all the improvements you do produce such nice results.
Thanks wklman!
Looking good!
This is a scarlet oak that is supposed to do good in rocky soil.
This hill has a lot of rocks so I planted some scarlet oaks on it.

I think it likes it.
This looks kinda fishy......what yall think?

Nice property. I like the pond. Is it full of bass?
This is my youngest boy this weekend

Thank you for the tour and pictures.
Thank you for the tour and pictures.
I have enjoyed looking at the different land tours and it was time to do my own.
I have some DCO three years old that has acorns this year

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Love the pond! How deep is it?